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The All Styles Battle is a 2 vs 2 Battle and is open to all dancers male and female. Dancers will be expected to dance impromptu to any style and beat of music selected by the Battle DJ. Judges will be assessing the quality of the performance, musicality, dance technique and the personality of the performers.

  1. 2 vs 2 battle where each pair of dancers will be challenged to dance to the unpredictable, varied beats of a live DJ

  2. The music genre will change for each pair of dancers and can range from any genre of music such as rap, pop, break beats, funk, electronica, house music, etc…

  3. Each battle will consist of 2 pairs of dancers who will battle one another facing each other.

  4. During the preliminary rounds, the DJ will play one song for each round.

  5. There will be 16 open slots for this battle for pairs of dancers to narrow the field of dance pairs to16 (16 battles in the first round). A qualifying round may become necessary.

  6. Each pair of dancers in the preliminary battles will have two rounds of 45 seconds each to dance ~ 1.5 minutes total

  7. Judges will choose 1 pair from each battle to advance to the next round until the battle progresses to 2 final pairs.

  8. In the final battle each of the 2 pairs will have two rounds of 1 minute each to impress the judges

  9. Each dancer will be judged on his/her ARTISTIC CREATIVITY, his/her MUSICALITY, and his/her ABILITY to ENTERTAIN the JUDGES

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